Coast to Coast Way – Chapter 68

We walk from Shap to Orton on the Coast to Coast Way, walking across England.

We leave Shap, crossing the railroad.

I read Chapter 68 of the Tao te Ching, translated by Steven Mitchell.

“The best athlete
wants his opponent at his best.”

We look at an ancient stone circle, with two concentric rings, constructed about 8000 years ago.

“The best general
enters the mind of his enemy.”

I do a kind of ritual. Bring into your mind a specific request or prayer. I walk about the outer circle and then the inner circle. People have been praying here for thousands of years. If you watch this, you can become part of something that brings about inner change.

“The best businessman
serves the communal good.”

“The best leader
follows the will of the people.”

“All of them embody
the virtue of non-competition.”

“Not that they don’t love to compete,
but they do it in the spirit of play.”

In the center of the previous video are some rocks which some people think mark Robin Hood’s grave. These stones are in the center of this photograph – a small dot.

We reach the road to Orton.

We stay at the George Hotel.

The All Saints Church was first built in the 12th century with its tower dating from the early 16th century.

“In this they are like children
and in harmony with the Tao.”

In the Tao te Ching, Lao tsu speaks of a harmony, even within the realm of competition. You can experience this within.

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