Windermere to St. Bees – Chapter 60

We are in Windermere, England. We walk around the town and get train/bus tickets for St. Bees, the beginning of the Coast-to-Coast hike.

Because of the railroad strike, we learn that it will take over four hours (rather than two) to get to St. Bees. We will be taking both buses and trains.

We watch Chinese people feeding the birds.

I read Chapter 60 of the Tao te Ching, translated by Steven Mitchell.

Governing a large country

is like frying a small fish.

I go into a church to pray. I see books published in the 16th century.

You spoil it with too much poking.

The next day, we begin our journey to St. Bees.

We leave our Hostal. We learn that we will take two different trains and two different buses.

The first bus reaches the western coast.

Center your country in the Tao

and evil will have no power.

The second bus is not large enough to take everyone to St. Bees. We must take a taxi.

“Not that it isn’t there,

but you’ll be able to step out of its way.”

In St. Bees, we look at a statue of St. George.

This statue of St. George was dedicated to those who died in World War I.

We look at at statue of St. Bees. She sailed from Ireland, arriving between 600-900 AD.

A bird sings nearby.

We go into the ancient church. The shell on a pillar signifies pilgrimage.

These statues show St. Bees’ arrival and her vision of the Virgin Mary.

“Give evil nothing to oppose

and it will disappear by itself.”

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