Dales Way – Chapter 59

We ran into a number of problems finding lodging and transportation on the Dales Way as we approached the end of this hike. A few months before, I was forced to book lodging in Kendal, even though it was miles off the path, because there was nothing close to the trail. As we approached the end of the Dales Way, there was a railroad strike and the train service to Kendal was disrupted. We tried to get a bus or taxi which would take us close to where we could could start hiking but there were no taxis available and there was no space on the bus (they would not allow people on the bus to stand!). A Methodist lay preacher in Sedbergh offered to give us a lift to Kendal and we ended up accepting his offer since we had no other options. So we missed walking a section of the Dales Way.

We walked from Kendal to Bowness-on-Windermere, the end of the Dales Way.

I read Chapter 59 of the Tao te Ching, translated by Steven Mitchell.

“For governing a country well

there is nothing better than moderation.”

“The mark of a moderate man

is freedom from his own ideas.”

“Tolerant like the sky,

all-pervading like sunlight,”

“firm like a mountain,

supple like a tree in the wind,”

“he has no destination in view

and makes use of anything

life happens to bring his way.”

“Nothing is impossible for him.”

We catch our first glimpse of Lake Windermere, our destination. We have walked almost 80 miles to reach this place.

We see the beach that marks the end of the Dales Way.

“Because he has let go,

he can care for the people’s welfare

as a mother cares for her child.”

We have our pictures taken.

We walk into town, then walk over a mile more to get to our lodging in Windermere. We will spend two nights there and then go to St. Bees to begin out Coast-to-Coast hike.

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