Standing Bear to Hot Springs – Chapter 7

I am walking from Standing Bear Farm to Hot Springs on the Appalachian Trail.

I read Chapter 7 of the Tao te Ching, translated by Steven Mitchell:

“The Tao is infinite, eternal.”

I reach the top of Snowbird Mountain.

“Why is it eternal?
It was never born;
thus it can never die.”

I meet a hiker “Deadpool.” She has run out of water and I give her half of what I have. The springs are dry in this area. She is dressed like a comic book character.

The top of Max Patch Bald.

“Why is it infinite?
It has no desires for itself;
thus it is present for all beings.”

Descending from Max Patch

“The Master stays behind;
that is why she is ahead.”

“She is detached from all things;
that is why she is one with them.”

“Because she has let go of herself,
she is perfectly fulfilled.”

I camp on Deer Mountain.

I walk toward Hot Springs, NC. People ask, “Why do you walk in the woods?”

It it not unusual to hear rifle shots in the woods. Someone is engaging in target practice. It reminds me of my time in Vietnam during the war.

Meditation involves focusing on the breath and, when thoughts arise, letting them go.

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