Winding Stair Gap to Nantahala Gorge – Chapter 3

In Franklin, I look at the Cherokee mound, one of the largest religious structures of this type.

It was the religious and political center of a huge system (Nikwasi).

Unfortunately for the Cherokee, gold was discovered in North Carolina and the Cherokee were forced off their land. Franklin was the origin of the infamous “Trail of Tears.” President Andrew Jackson ignored the ruling of the Supreme Court and the Army followed his orders to commit a crime against humanity.

I read Chapter 3 of the Tao te Ching translated by Steven Mitchell.

“If you overesteem great men,
people become powerless.”

I am hikingto the Nantahala Outdoor Center on the Appalachian Trail. Just past Winding Stair Gap, I pass a waterfall.

“If you overvalue possessions,
people begin to steal.”

“The Master leads
by emptying people’s minds.”

“and filling their cores,
by weakening their ambition
and toughening their resolve.”

“He helps people lose everything
they know, everything they desire,
and creates confusion
in those who think that they know.”

The terrain is difficult.

I cook lunch in an area where there was a fire last year.

I walk along a ridge.

There is a ridge and then a long steep  descent.

“Practice not-doing,
and everything will fall into place.”

I arrive at the NOC Center, where people do kayaking and white water rafting.

I see a guy named Blue who I met on the trail the day before.

Practice non-doing.

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