Camarzana de Tera – Chapter 72


We leave the incredible church at Santa Marta de Tera to  walk to Camarzana de Tera, which is off the Camino but has a hotel.


I read Chapter 72 of the Tao te Ching:

“When they lose their sense of awe,

people turn to religion.”


The storm is coming.

“When they no longer trust themselves,
they begin to depend upon authority.”



“Therefore the Master steps back
so that people won’t be confused.”



“He teaches without a teaching,
so that people will have nothing to learn.”




What does it mean to teach without teaching?

Lao tsu does not advocate organized religion but something more fundamental.

We arrive at the Hotel Resraurante Juan Manuel and eat dinner.

We walk down the street in Camarzana de Tera. I look through the door of the bar and reveal a reflection of myself.

What can be learned?

When you look inside, you see reflections of your self — is this your actual self? Some people talk about the self-less self — others say “no self.”

I climb out the window of our hotel room, looking for a rainbow. I look in through the window and see Karen in bed. There is no rainbow and the raindrops are falling.

We walk down the street in Camarzana de Tera and look at a mural.

There is nothing to teach. There is nothing to learn. If you are suffering, practice the Inner Way. I cannot teach this to you. It is available to everyone. You can see for yourself.

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