Salamanca – Chapter 56

We look at our guidebook and see that we face a section that requires hiking almost 20 miles. This is beyond Karen’s ability (particularly with the rain and extensive road walking which is very hard on our feet). We check where the bus is available. It seems best to leave from where we are rather than walk to a very small town with unknown connections. We catch the Alsa bus to Salamanca.

It is strange to look at the road we would be walking on. There are dangerous places without space for hikers. The rain is falling as we sit. We watch the scenery go by — we are glad to be dry!

My seat has a screen which allows watching a movie. I see a man who has what seems to be an identity problem. He is on a train.  He is anxious, connected to a woman across from him, but he rushes away.

I read Chapter 56 from the Tao te Ching, translated by Steven Mitchell:

“Those who know don’t talk.
Those who talk don’t know.”

People on the bus hold their cell phones. In the movie, they check their watches and cell phones. I watch the trees go by. The movie, Source Code (in English) is about a man who has a new identity (in some else’s body) and is a kind of time traveler. He is on a train that will blow up because of a terrorist bomb. He finds that after he is blown up he is still alive. His mission is to go back in time to try to thwart the explosion. He keeps getting blown up until he can figure out how to stop it. It is very stressful for him.

“Close your mouth,
block off your senses,
blunt your sharpness,
untie your knots,

We approach Salamanca. For many people, life is anxious. There are ways to cope. I seek a way to bring a kind of miracle to your life. With the proper prayers and meditation, you can come into harmony with the Tao. Love will come into your life.

Salamanca is famous for its bulls and for bull fighting. In olden times, the students wrote their names on the wall at a special place using bull blood — a very old tradition. Even in situations where there is killing, many people find tranquility.

We come to the city. I will pray for you at three sacred places. This can touch a secret place inside of you and make things good for you.

Lao tsu suggests that you:

“Soften your glare,
settle your dust.
This is the primal identity.”

I am watching the first part of the movie “Source Code” — but the bus ride is short — I see only the first part. In the end, the guy is able to change time so that he will have a life with the girl. You can change time for yourself by figuring out where you have made mistakes in the past and by changing your behavior.

We can change your time line. There is a hidden fate in life that can be changed. There are secret traditions — like those that Lao tsu discusses — that operate.

Karen and I go to the ancient library. Salamanca is home to the oldest university in Spain — the third oldest in the world.  This is a magical place.

“Be like the Tao.
It can’t be approached or withdrawn from,
benefited or harmed,
honored or brought into disgrace.
It gives itself up continually.
That is why it endures.”

In Salamanca, we see the cathedral and a rainbow. We will be praying inside the New Cathedral, the Old Cathedral, and the Convento de San Esteban. Come with us and you will see astonishing things.

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