Walking to Baños de Montemayor – Chapter 55

If the morning, we watch the truck drivers ask for whiskey in their coffee.

We leave the Hostel Asturias to begin our walk to Baños de Montemayor.

It starts raining.

I read Chapter 55 from the Tao te Ching:

“He who is in harmony with the Tao
is like a newborn child.”

“Its bones are soft, its muscles are weak,
but its grip is powerful.”

We will walk 13.5 miles on the road, often in traffic without shoulders.
“It doesn’t know about the union
of male and female,
yet its penis can stand erect,
so intense is its vital power.”

“It can scream its head off all day,
yet it never becomes hoarse,
so complete is its harmony.”

Karen does not like the rain.

“The Master’s power is like this.
He lets all things come and go
effortlessly, without desire.”

“He never expects results;
thus he is never disappointed.”

We take a break in one of the few rural areas we passed.

We periodically pass replicas of the ancient Roman mile markers.

“He is never disappointed;
thus his spirit never grows old.”

We reached the Roman mile marker in Baños de Montemeyor.  It has  been a hard day and our feet are tired.

Lao tsu suggests attaining a mental state that is beyond the capability of most people — the mind of the infant. When meditating, most people find that their mind is active. They have desires. They expect results. They are disappointed.

The Inner Way is not a goal. It does not involve going anywhere. It involves not doing — but don’t expect anything.

Thought, sensations, emotions come. Take note and let them go. It is the nature of the mind to perceive these things. Over time, you can achieve harmony with yourself and the Tao. Practice letting things go.




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