Cáceres – Chapter 46

We are staying at the Hotel Iberia Plaza Mayor. You can see it on the far corner of the Plaza at the end of the video. It is a hotel that has remained about the same for many decades (no elevator but new fixtures in the bathroooms) and, as a result, has become a “one star” hotel, the cheapest type. It receives high evaluations from backpacking travelers because of its style.

We are in Room 208 and when walking down the hall, we view the art.

I read Chapter 46 in the Tao te Ching:

“When a country is in harmony with the Tao,
the factories make trucks and tractors.
When a country goes counter to the Tao,
warheads are stockpiled outside the cities.”

The breakfast buffet is magnificent! The clock does not work but the coffee is good and the art is interesting.

The Hotel has old fashioned sitting rooms with portraits.

“There is no greater illusion than fear,
no greater wrong than preparing to defend yourself,
no greater misfortune than having an enemy.”

We visit the Templo de San Francisco Javier. Two years ago, we visited a church that  Saint Francis Xavier founded in Malaka, Malaysia. He died in 1552 — one of the greatest missionaries since St. Paul. His body remained uncorrupted — a miracle — even though he was moved three times — quite the traveler, even after he died (he is now in Goa, India).

“Whoever can see through all fear
will always be safe.”

What is the Saint doing?

We climbed up a narrow spiral staircase to the top of the church tower.

After we returned, I asked an official about the meaning of this painting and was told that the saint was viewing a cross and “his congregation is watching.”

Many tourists come to see the old section of Cáceres and they take photos of each other in front of the important sights.

A family brought their daughter for photographs — coming of age situation. I think she was tired of it.

We went to the Cáceres Museum.

Different types of robes worn during Holy Week by the repentants — each “brotherhood” has a special robe.

Memorial for dead warrior – shield symbols

Ancient human figure

Roman image

We see the Casa Palacio De Los Becerra Museo (there are many museums in this area — too many to show)

I follow Karen – she point to carved ivory.

We see arrows for the Via de la Plata — it goes through the old town.

We visit the Casa Museo Árabe — showing Islamic relics from the era of Muslim control (in the 800’s until around 1200)

Much stuff — looking at stuff is a distraction.

We walk around, looking at things. There is much to see — but too much of this is a distraction. There is an Inner Way that we seek through pilgrimage.


Lao tsu suggests that you let go of your fear — of people different from yourself, for example.

What is it that holds you back?

I will visit three churches and will pray for a miracle.

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