Taman Negara – esteem

We are upriver from Kuala Tahan, at the Nusa Village. This is the view of the river and jungle from our bungalow.

Lao tsu (chapter 3, Tao te Ching) writes:

“If you over-esteem great men,
people become powerless.
If you over value possessions,
people begin to steal.”

Unlike most people, Lao tsu does not focus on great men or possessions.

He is interested in the Tao — something so mysterious that it cannot be defined or described.

Karen and I like to follow the “news” (current events, politics, etc.) but there is no internet connection at Nusa Village.

Most days, we take the river boat to the Taman Negara National Park entrance, across from Kuala Tahan — so, like Lao tsu, we are not focused on great men or possessions.

This is the view of the floating restaurants in Kuala Tahan.


Our provisions: durian chips! They have a funny smell but, like durians, they taste pretty good.

We walk across the canopy walkway. I find that I don’t see anything that is especially exciting — merely walking on the swaying ropeway is exciting.

Canopy walkway — being in the present moment.


At the bottom of the canopy walkway


We talk with some Malaysian girls — they are very curious about Karen — they regard her as fearless. I see doors opening in their minds — so much is possible if you are brave!

We walk toward the waterfall from Nusa Village

The terrain is difficult and the recent rain makes it hard to cross the rivers.
We see the shelter of people who live in the jungle.

We walk through the jungle by the river.

Karen is afraid of falling but makes it over the river!


Back in Kuala Tahan, the river is wide. Last December, there was a major flood.

Most peoples’ normal life revolves around the directives of “great men,” lessor bosses, and the accumulation of material possessions.

“Being in the present moment” entails focusing on reality as a way of avoiding the trivia connected with the “great men-possession” axis.

Here is what I say: when walking on the ropes, focus on walking on the ropes.

When walking to the waterfall, focus on walking to the waterfall.

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