Bang Bao, Thailand

I am on the island, Koh Chang, Thailand, pondering magic.


I will tell you about something that happened while I was in Kep, Cambodia. I placed some magical cloths (napkins) on my meditation altar. I was thinking about doing a kind of magic for you — connected to the miracles in Medjugorje, Herzegovina (Bosnia). In Medjugorje, Mary, the Mother of Jesus, appeared before visionaries. If you are unfamiliar with her miracles, read about “Medjugorje” on the Internet. There are even u-tube videos of miracles and I documented an anomalous statue in a previous blog (water comes from the statue’s knee).

I plan a kind of magic for you involving love and your relationships. I am like your grandfather. I want you to love and be loved deeply — but true magic requires special conditions and I need to know if the situation is correct. If so, I will offer you a magical cloth that contains the “tears” of Jesus and, when the magic works, you will love and be loved physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

In Medjugorje, there is a statue of Jesus that miraculously produces water and I collected this water with the napkin cloths. These cloths have made miracles in the past. They are powerful.

In Cambodia, I hiked in the Kep National Park. One day, I saw some playing cards on the ground. I followed my intuition and decided to test the power of my hoped-for magic by turning over a card. I decided that the card I selected would symbolize the degree that the hoped-for magic would work.


I picked up this card.


The card was the ace of hearts, implying that the magic will work. Aces are the most powerful cards in the deck and hearts are connected with love.

This seemed remarkably improbable — an omen — good fortune.

I decided to pick up a second card — a second test. Now the story gets even stranger. The second card was also an ace of hearts. This was astonishing; there must be more than one deck on the ground or perhaps there is a trick involved. Getting two aces of hearts, one after another, would be extremely unlikely by chance. I inspected a random set of cards on the ground — there were no other aces and there were many different suits and denominations. I decided to pick up one more card as a test. The third card was a joker, a card that could be designated as anything. If I were playing poker, I would have three hearts, a powerful hand.

I placed these cards on my meditation altar with a card I have been carrying since I passed through Spain — a “Jesus card.”

Karen and I have been traveling around the world. We are pilgrims. We have visited the relics of all twelve apostles (Spain, India, Italy, Turkey). We have been to Fatima, Lourdes, and Medjugorje — places where Mother Mary has appeared. We traveled to Israel and walked from Nazareth to Capernaum in the footsteps of Jesus — then we went to Jerusalem — carrying the ten Medjugorje cloths.

There is power derived from this.


What does this mean to you?

I am beinghere. I walk the pilgrim path. In Koh Chang, Thailand, we walk along the Bang Bao Beach, to the village of Bang Bao.


We walk down the road.

We see tourist shops.

I watch a butterfly.


We see the Rasta View Restaurant


We visit the Buddhist wat and look at the altar.


There is a poster on the wall that mentions the “Five Aggregates” of clinging, the process that generates suffering and the notion of self. The five aggregates are material form (corporeality), feelings, perceptions, mental formations, consciousness.

I do not advocate argument about this concept — I am merely being here. Through meditation, you can gain insight.

These are tanks at a seafood restaurant. These beings will be eaten.


This is a spirit house — many Thai people tend to these shrines. They pay homage to spirits in the unseen world.

Suffering, body, feelings, perceptions, mental formations, consciousness — delusions, illusions — what can be said about the unseen worlds?


Like everything, we are in transition. We buy a ticket to take a minibus from Koh Chang to Bangkok.

We walk on the pier and look across the water at the beach where we stay.

I think about you — may you give and receive the love that passes beyond understanding.

Here is the magic: I carry ten cloths from Medujorje. I offer one to you. Each cloth has a phrase uttered by Mother Mary to the visionaries at Medjujorje.

If you comment on this post, saying “yes,” I will contact you, ask for your address, and mail the first ten people a cloth.


The Serbian phrase reads, “Kad biste znali koliko vas ljubim plakali bi od radosti.”

Translation: “If you knew how much I love you, you would cry with joy.”

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