Koh Chang, Thailand

We are on the Elephant Island — Koh Chang, Thailand — outside of space and time.


We live in this bungalow.


Every other day, we walk to the fisherman’s village where there is a pier with a lighthouse.


View from the pier — at the end, you can see the beach where we live.

It is late June — the start of the rainy season.



On our way to the village, we see monkeys.


On our way back, a monkey jumps onto a bag that I am carrying — inside are bananas. I rescue the bananas by driving him off. He is pissed off.

Low tide

High tide

View from the pier

3 thoughts on “Koh Chang, Thailand”

  1. That little hut looks like the huts I stay in when I’m in Goa! Lucky you with monkeys, do they only go after fruit or are your sparkly cameras in danger too?

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