Angkor Wat IV


We are looking at temples beyond the central area of Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Passing the musicians, I am wondering what you might gain from looking at these temples.

Yoni and reclining king

Art — see reclining king again.

Rock and jungle

Yoni — these temples reflect their Hindu origin — with a focus on female anatomy.

Exploring — the Khmer were Hindu, then Buddhist, then Hindu, and now Buddhist.

More musicians

Leaving the temple — modern people live in a world that is very different from that of the Khmer kings who built these temples — but human physiology has remained basically the same. Our brains are similar to people’s brains in the 1200’s.

Tuk-tuk ride out of Angkor Wat.

Every society has people with religious propensity — even places where there was official opposition, such as the People’s Republic of China and the USSR in Russia. If given the chance, some people feel the need to express spirituality.

Angkor Wat reminds us of the connections between sexuality and spirituality — but the primary feature is its ancient ruins quality — the jungle among the temples reminds us of the impermanence of life.

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