Angkor Wat II

We are in Angkor Wat, the largest religious site in the world.


Angkor Wat used to be the largest city in the world. A million people lived in the 385 square miles around these ruins but the city was almost empty in 1431 — due to drought, flooding, and the Thai invasion.

I search for the most sacred place. We are visiting ruins surrounding the main Angkor Wat temples. Some of these temples are overgrown with trees — particularly the former Buddhist temples.

It is vey hot and we will climb the stairs.

Climbing the stairs

Looking around.

You can meditate by focusing your mind on your breath — staying aware of in-breath and out-breath.

When you meditate, you can note what is going on inside. You can note the types of thoughts that come: planning, sensation, fantasy, memories, wanting, emotions such as fear, worry, anxiety, happiness, love. When a though/sensation comes, take note of it and return your awareness to your breath.

Going down

There are many “yonis” within the Angkor Wat temples and I want you to know what they look like.


Here is an example of a Lingum/Yoni (from Vietnam) — it is a Hindu symbol of the male-female sex organs (the Hindu god Shiva and his female half are united).


Trees will take over if given enough time.

Through meditation, you can gain insights about yourself.

Trees growing among the temples…in similar fashion, gradual processes occur within your mind. It is possible to gain wisdom and compassion.

A thought comes…perhaps a sensation — is it positive, neutral, negative? A memory comes up — is it positive, neutral, negative?

This is a sacred place — a place with the image of the Buddha. The Buddha is the one who has become enlightened — cobra snakes create a shelter over the Buddha’s head facilitating his enlightenment. This is a folklore story – the Buddha was merely a human being, like you and I. What the Buddha did long ago is not as important as what you do these days. The Buddha said that each of us must figure out how to reach enlightenment on our own.

Stone Elephant — our minds are filled with memories, fantasies, sensations, desires, worries, anxieties, fears, projections.

What would facilitate your enlightenment? Success and pleasure do not typically bring enlightenment. But enlightenment happens all the time — when you enter a room, you turn on the lights and you can see — when you look inside yourself, you turn on a light and you can see what is there. What is enlightenment like for you? What can you see?

I explore a sacred place — a yoni — symbol of the female sex organ — the lingum is damaged but there is a square stone.

This is what I want to show you. As I said before, the ancient Hindus created sculptures of yoni (female sex organs) and limgum (male sex organs). This is a sacred place.

“What is this yoni doing here?” Karen asks.

“It reminds people of the cosmic creation — Shiva and his female counterpart are creating the universe,” I answer.

Nebulous talk about enlightenment interests some people, but sexual relationships are central to most people’s lives.

I am like a grandfather for you — I want the very best for you and I am willing to help you in any way that I can. Here is what I want: I hope that you become enlightened in the area of relationships. I want you to have a passionate, love-filled life. I hope that you will love and be loved for many, many years.

As we look at these ruins, tell me about your relationships. Through meditation, you can gain insights into the patterns that exist within these relationships. Are there skills and behaviors that you need to acquire to improve your relationships?

I will be doing some magic to help you with this.

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