Pai, Thailand II

The is a story about spiritual healing. Spiritual healing is a metaphor — something not normally seen by the eyes.


We visit the White Buddha (Pagoda on the Hill) — you can see it on the hillside in the photo. We go every day to see the sunset.

We have moved out of town, on the other side of the Pai River.

We walk past here each day — walking towards the Buddha

We walk up the stairs. The inner journey involves facing suffering and letting it go.


This is the view from the pagoda area.

A sunset.

The Buddha at sunset.

Sometimes, we walk on a trail behind the Buddha that goes up the mountain.

The trail passes over mountain tops.

The trail is difficult in places.

I give an “owl call” and Karen replies — then I fall.

We walk across the face of a steep slope. We return to the Buddha.



I take a photo of Jessica, who shows me her bandages from a motor bike accident. She was at the hospital a few hours before.

The sun shoots a healing ray into her heart.

The sun also goes into your heart.

I talk with Sander from the Netherlands. Karen talks with Jessica. You can see them in this view of the sunset.

Karen, Jessica, Sanders, and I eat dinner together in a restaurant — looking out over the city of Pai.


We pose for a group photo — spiritual healing involves connections between people. It is not something that someone “does.”

There is no instance, in the Bible where Jesus says, “I heal you.” Jesus said, “By your faith are you healed.”

“You are what you think,” the Buddha says [This is not a precise quote, but you get the idea — your thoughts are an inner reality].

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