Kunming and Yuantong Temple

We are in Kunming, China, and see an arch with portable police station beside it. Beyond, we see a public massage area.

We visit the Golden Horse and Jade Rooster Arches — symbols of the city of Kunming. Kunming was listed online as one of the five least polluted cities in China but times have changed. Now, it is has dangerously high levels of air pollution and is among the most polluted.


During our first few days in Kunming, the air pollution level was rated as “dangerous.” It was windy yesterday and since 1:00 PM, it has merely been “unhealthy.”

I am practicing Taoist meditation but the air is killing my sinuses and I have a chronic cough.

We visit Green Lake Park (asking directions again and again) — we see groups dancing — this is merely one of many groups, some of which have an ethnic theme and the leader wears ethnic clothes.

The park consists of walkways — over the lake, connecting islands.

Karen has a stomach virus. I visit the Yuantong Buddhist Temple. It is famous for being down in a depression, surrounded by water.

I watch people pray.

I see monks, chanting while they file into a room.

We lay people stand outside the room while the monks chant. I watch the fish and turtles — and listen to the chanting.

The central temple is surrounded by water. The temple behind it has two caves which were thought to harbor dragons in the old days; dragons that caused flooding. Apparently, the dragons are gone.


The caves are closed off.


I see the main Buddha altar.

People rub the dragons to gain energy (chi) and good fortune.

I watch people pray before a Quan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) altar. One lady lwants to get the cloth cover on correctly.

A woman buys a Buddhist charm. She returns to ask a question about it.

A blind street musician performs.

This temple complex is highly visited by Buddhist pilgrims and local people. People in Southern China seem far more religious than people in Northern China.

This place illustrates the value of believing — if you feel that rubbing the dragon or burning the incense will bring you good luck, then it can happen for you. Being confident brings good luck.

I want you to have good luck so here is what I say to you: watching these people do these things will bring you the wisdom that is followed by good luck. You can count on it.


If you set aside time to go inward, to meditate, to pray, you will come to believe in it. That will bring you wisdom and good luck.

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