Xi’an City Wall

We are in Xi’an, China. Here is the view from our 14th floor hotel window. As you can see, Xi’an has a smog problem.

Here is the view through the glass face of our hotel elevator.
We are having sinus, throat, and lung problems because of the smog and we discuss changing our travel plans — avoid the more populated eastern part of China?

We eat in a restaurant by the north section of the Xi’an City Wall, not far from our hotel.

We take a taxi to the South Gate of the Xi’an City Wall. We can’t get a proper price because we are foreigners.

The first construction began in 194 BCE. The present Xi’an City Wall was built on the foundation of the Ming Dynasty (618-907 CE) Wall by the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). This wall is the most complete city wall in China and one of the largest ancient defensive military systems in the world.

We buy tickets and climb to the top of the wall. There are signs telling about ancient military defense using fire, water, arrows, special architecture around the gates, and a water-filled moat around the 8.5 mile circumference.

We walk on the top of the wall. It is Saturday afternoon and people are out walking among the decorations.


Everyone is taking photos of themselves in front of the strange objects. Here is Karen in front of the huge artificial flowers.

We walk on the City Wall. I am reading about Taoist meditation and practicing it as I walk — the idea is to focus on the three main centers of the body — the mid-section is slightly below the navel, the heart section is in the chest, the mind section is in the third eye. Each section can gather and store chi energy. Visualization makes this occur. It is important to achieve balance among the sections.

We walk. All my discussion is somewhat academic. In reality, my sinus and throat problems from the smog are killing me. These plastic things are interesting, aren’t they? This is not Disneyland!

I visited this wall in 1986 but there were no plastic things on it in those days. The wall seems like a good defensive position but it has been overwhelmed a number of times — if the attackers far outnumber the defenders, they can overwhelm the wall and gates like ants swarming over left-out fruit.

We look at the Bell — in case of trouble, ring this bell!

We watch tofu being fried.
Here is candy.

There are many things to eat on the wall. Here is squid.


Here is our collection of tickets we purchased in Xi’an: Great Wild Goose Pagoda, Great Wild Goose Pagoda tower, Terracotta Warriors, Xi’an City Wall.

It is becoming more and more difficult to post from China. The government attempts to block use of the VPN — so I will try to get this off as it is.

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