I alone don’t know



Karen and I invite you to share coffee and pastels de nata (custard pastry) with us…that is what the people in Portugal do. Then you can meditate with us as we descend the stairs from the cathedral, following the way signs of the Caminho. Walking down the stairs can be a form of meditation. Breath in and out with each step.

Lao tsu writes (chapter 20):

“Other people are bright;

I alone am dull.

Other people have a purpose;

I alone don’t know.

I drift like a wave on the ocean.

I blow as aimless as the wind.

I am different from ordinary people.

I drink from the Great Mother’s breasts.”

Some people feel isolated and don’t know where to turn. They don’t know how to drink the holy milk. Lao tsu’s words are fine poetry but seem abstract. Let’s talk about this.

Eat and drink with us. Then come walking with us. You are not alone. Let’s walk around Porto!


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