Stop thinking and end your problems

We walked on an ancient Roman road, used by thousands and thousands of pilgrims between 1000 and 1200  CE and now used by modern pilgrims. Then we continued struggling with the urban walk along busy highways.

Finally! We walk on the bridge into Porto! Porto is the second largest city in a Portugal,  the home of port wine.

Lao tsu writes (chapter 20):

“Stop thinking and end your problems.

What difference between yes and no?

What difference between success and failure?

Must you value what others value,

avoid what others avoid?

How ridiculous!”

Lao tsu suggests that you stop thinking but most people, when they practice meditation, find this difficult. “How can I stop thinking?” they ask.

Over time, as you practice meditating, you will experience periods of quietude, time during which no thoughts come. Keep practicing and you will become better able to achieve this state. The task does not involve doing anything….it involves not-doing.



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