Throw away holiness and wisdom

On the way to Oliveira, we stopped at the shrine beside the Roman road and looked into the face of Jesus.

Jesus says, “Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened to you.” He said to love God with all your heart and to love your neighbor as yourself. He did not reveal selfishness. He did not demand that people worship him. He advocated giving up the self. He followed the Inner Way.

I am walking from Lisbon to Santiago, Spain, to the cathedral where lays the body of his disciple, St. James. That cathedral was the center of many miracles during medieval times and the focus of many modern pilgrimages. People from all over Europe walk there. Most of these Europeans are not very religious.

As we got closer to Porto, the Cominho became mainly a difficult road walk. It rained much of the day.

Lao tsu says (chapter 19):

“Throw away holiness and wisdom,

and people people will be a hundred times happier.

Throw away morality and justice,

and people will do the right thing.

Throw away industry and profit,

and there won’t be any thieves.

If these three aren’t enough,

just stay at the center of the circle

and let all things take their course.”

In modern societies, people are not going to throw away holiness, morality, and industry. These ideas are associated with holding onto wealth and we are taught to believe in these things from birth.

You can reach the center of the circle by focusing on your breath, by letting go of each thought and returning your attention to the breath. This process that will help you find the peace that passes all understanding.

Watch the river flow,

Look into the face of Jesus.

Watch the river flow and let Jesus live in your heart.

The rain falls, the river flows, Jesus lives in your heart.







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