Walking to Alvaiazere

We came upon some rabbits mourning their deceased loved-one. This is a universal condition. When you lose your father/mother/sister /brother/lover/spouse/child, you experience the emptiness beyond words.

Sit still in a quiet place. Become aware of your breath going in and out. What are you experiencing? Tears coming, intense feeling of pain and emptiness. Return your awareness to the breath.  What do you experience? Tears coming, intense feeling of pain and emptiness. Return your awareness to the breath. Around and around. Practice.

Lao tsu, an old man, knew life and recognized the center, the emptiness, the stillness inside.

He writes (chapter  11):

“We join spokes together in a wheel

but it is the center hole

that makes the wagon move.

We shape clay into a pot

but it is the emptiness inside

that holds whatever we want.

We hammer wood for a house,

but it is the inner space

that makes it livable.

We work with being,

but non-being is what we use.”

Suffering is part of human existence but some people have been exposed to excess trauma. It has twisted and distorted their lives and they struggle with this. Experiencing the emptiness may result in undesirable memories. Images of combat, rape, child abuse…trauma from the past…..may arise. Relax and focus on the breath, the breathing in and the breathing out. When the memories arise, return to focusing on the breath. Do this again and again. It helps to relax. You can come to see the traumatic memory for what it us….merely a memory. Over time, these thoughts will not hurt you so much. You can practice letting thoughts go.

Many people have problems with anxiety, depression, loneliness. When you practice meditation, you are making yourself stronger. You come to see clearly and ideas may come to you which bring solutions to problems.

If you practice sitting still and experiencing the emptiness each day, you will be better able to practice when this is most needed, when times are hard.

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