Walking toward Galega

Late in the day, when the sun was very hot, we walked along a dangerous road with no shoulder. We walked for mile after mile with heavy traffic going by in both directions.

At first, we were afraid but, over time, we became numb. I was merely wanting the day to end…then, I was not thinking at all. I was merely experiencing the cars and trucks passing by me, as if I was a bull fighter.

Galena is famous for its horses and in Portugal the horses are important in the bullfight. When we arrived, we saw posters for a coming bull fight on every corner. The man on the horse must be skillful to avoid the charging bull …unlike the man with the cape, the horseman has nothing to distract the bull. At times, he must retreat.

We are merely travelers on the way, people walking on the never-ending highway.

Lao tsu says (chapter 7):

“The Tao is infinite, eternal.

Why is it eternal?

It was never born;

thus it can never die.

Why is it infinite?

It has no desires for itself;

Thus it is present for all beings.”

In Galega, we stayed in a very old hotel, one that had fallen into disrepair. We ate in a restaurant where the men watched a program on the television which showed a classic bullfight. The bull fighter showed exceptional grace, causing the bull to pass by him again and again. Then he would fearlessly turn his back to the bull and look up at the cheering crowd. The bull looked at him with puzzlement.

We left early in the morning because we wanted to avoid the heat of the day. There is no crowd watching and we have no need to be fearless. I am doing walking meditation, focusing on the breath.

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