Walking to Tomar

As we walked toward Tomar, the sky grew dark and we heard thunder. Then it began to rain. We put on our raincoats and the rain covers on our packs. We wanted the rain to end.

Lao tsu says (chapter 7):

“The master stays behind;

that is why she is ahead.

She is detached from all things;

Because she has let go of herself,

She is perfectly fulfilled.”

How is it possible for the one who stays behind to be ahead? When you focus all your attention on one thing….such as the breath, there is no ahead or behind. The master who focuses her mind sees things clearly. That is why she is ahead. This is not to say that she will give up living life to the fullest. She will live life in the present moment.

In Tomar, they sell a kind of cookie, beija-me depressa, which can be translated as “kiss me quickly.” It is made with eggs. I saw signs on the streets of a woman with an intensely longing look on her face. She was wearing clothes that were being advertised. I asked my wife, “What is she saying? I would like to know what she wants.”

“She is saying, ‘kiss me quickly,'” my wife said. “That is what she wants.”

We humans have wanting minds. The woman in the advertisement will attract a man who will kiss her quickly, then slowly, again and again, but this will not be enough. They will want more. One time will not be enough. For those in a relationship with passion, romance, and love, even fifty years is not enough. We humans want more, more, more.

When meditating, you will experience the wanting mind. Merely bring your focus of attention to your breath. The one who lets everything go ends up in front.

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