Sacavem to Verdelha de Baixo

From Sacavem, the way goes through a green valley, past factories, through small towns, and along the Tejo River, the Tagus Estuary, as it approaches Verdelha de Baixo. There is a long wooden walkway over the marshland with the urban environment off to the right and the river on the left.

The sun is very hot. Looking to the left, you can see the city and to the right is the river.

Lao Tsu pondered the relationships among humans, the nature of possessions, and the natural order that coincides with the Tao. He writes:

“If you over-esteem great men,
people become powerless.
If you over value possessions,
people begin to steal.”

We walk in the hot sun, looking at the river on our right and the buildings on the left. In Verdelha de Baixo, we stay in a small room with a small window which proved to be very adequate because it was cool and quiet.

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